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Applied & Admitted New Undergraduate Transfers By College & Ethnic - Fall/Summer 2023
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native21
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResAsian77
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResBlack or African American1811
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResHispanic8058
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResNon-Resident International75
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResTwo or more races118
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResUnknown86
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResWhite238192
AG Total371288
ARCollege of ArchitectureAsian31
ARCollege of ArchitectureBlack or African American92
ARCollege of ArchitectureHispanic7155
ARCollege of ArchitectureNon-Resident International62
ARCollege of ArchitectureTwo or more races11
ARCollege of ArchitectureUnknown63
ARCollege of ArchitectureWhite3326
AR Total12990
ASColl of Arts and SciencesAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native64
ASColl of Arts and SciencesAsian3423
ASColl of Arts and SciencesBlack or African American12656
ASColl of Arts and SciencesHispanic432329
ASColl of Arts and SciencesNative Hawaiian/Pacific Islander31
ASColl of Arts and SciencesNon-Resident International2811
ASColl of Arts and SciencesTwo or more races6542
ASColl of Arts and SciencesUnknown2111
ASColl of Arts and SciencesWhite560444
AS Total1,275921
BARawls Coll of Business AdminAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native10
BARawls Coll of Business AdminAsian1710
BARawls Coll of Business AdminBlack or African American274
BARawls Coll of Business AdminHispanic11266
BARawls Coll of Business AdminNon-Resident International1410
BARawls Coll of Business AdminTwo or more races92
BARawls Coll of Business AdminUnknown207
BARawls Coll of Business AdminWhite12471
BA Total324170
EDCollege of EducationAsian86
EDCollege of EducationBlack or African American2213
EDCollege of EducationHispanic177146
EDCollege of EducationNon-Resident International31
EDCollege of EducationTwo or more races109
EDCollege of EducationUnknown22
EDCollege of EducationWhite159130
ED Total381307
ENCollege of EngineeringAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native22
ENCollege of EngineeringAsian3213
ENCollege of EngineeringBlack or African American6119
ENCollege of EngineeringHispanic13688
ENCollege of EngineeringNative Hawaiian/Pacific Islander11
ENCollege of EngineeringNon-Resident International8236
ENCollege of EngineeringTwo or more races1710
ENCollege of EngineeringUnknown146
ENCollege of EngineeringWhite157111
EN Total502286
HRHonors CollegeHispanic11
HRHonors CollegeWhite11
HR Total22
HSCollege of Human SciencesAsian75
HSCollege of Human SciencesBlack or African American4027
HSCollege of Human SciencesHispanic141115
HSCollege of Human SciencesNative Hawaiian/Pacific Islander22
HSCollege of Human SciencesNon-Resident International31
HSCollege of Human SciencesTwo or more races139
HSCollege of Human SciencesUnknown75
HSCollege of Human SciencesWhite206167
HS Total419331
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnAsian41
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnBlack or African American2517
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnHispanic9372
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnNon-Resident International32
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnTwo or more races1210
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnUnknown53
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnWhite133109
MC Total275214
UNTexas Tech UniversityAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native55
UNTexas Tech UniversityAsian3835
UNTexas Tech UniversityBlack or African American10770
UNTexas Tech UniversityHispanic397334
UNTexas Tech UniversityNative Hawaiian/Pacific Islander32
UNTexas Tech UniversityNon-Resident International3025
UNTexas Tech UniversityTwo or more races4540
UNTexas Tech UniversityUnknown3126
UNTexas Tech UniversityWhite528451
UN Total1,184988
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsAsian21
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsBlack or African American54
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsHispanic3425
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsTwo or more races65
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsUnknown22
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsWhite3125
VP Total8062
TOTAL 4,9423,659