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Faculty Count by College, Ethnicity & Gender - Fall 2018

(Faculty count includes only those with instructional appointment and salary greater than zero. Excludes TA and GPT-I.)

AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResAsian31013
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResHispanic21113
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResNative Hawaiian/Pacific Islander011
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResNon-Resident Alien6511
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResWhite3769106
AG Total4896144
ARCollege of ArchitectureAsian134
ARCollege of ArchitectureHispanic4610
ARCollege of ArchitectureNon-Resident Alien325
ARCollege of ArchitectureWhite81826
AR Total162945
ASColl of Arts and SciencesAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native213
ASColl of Arts and SciencesAsian133851
ASColl of Arts and SciencesBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin448
ASColl of Arts and SciencesHispanic202040
ASColl of Arts and SciencesMultiple123
ASColl of Arts and SciencesNon-Resident Alien123042
ASColl of Arts and SciencesWhite163249412
AS Total215344559
BARawls Coll of Business AdminAsian358
BARawls Coll of Business AdminBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin011
BARawls Coll of Business AdminHispanic134
BARawls Coll of Business AdminMultiple022
BARawls Coll of Business AdminNon-Resident Alien347
BARawls Coll of Business AdminWhite2678104
BA Total3393126
EDCollege of EducationAsian6612
EDCollege of EducationBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin5611
EDCollege of EducationHispanic231033
EDCollege of EducationMultiple011
EDCollege of EducationNon-Resident Alien224
EDCollege of EducationWhite7427101
ED Total11052162
ENCollege of EngineeringAsian135770
ENCollege of EngineeringBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin066
ENCollege of EngineeringHispanic246
ENCollege of EngineeringNon-Resident Alien71825
ENCollege of EngineeringWhite128294
EN Total34167201
GRGraduate SchoolAsian101
GRGraduate SchoolNon-Resident Alien011
GRGraduate SchoolWhite314
GR Total426
HRHonors CollegeAsian101
HRHonors CollegeWhite369
HR Total4610
HSCollege of Human SciencesAsian11718
HSCollege of Human SciencesBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin202
HSCollege of Human SciencesHispanic325
HSCollege of Human SciencesMultiple101
HSCollege of Human SciencesNon-Resident Alien5510
HSCollege of Human SciencesWhite7036106
HS Total9250142
LWSchool of LawAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native112
LWSchool of LawAsian011
LWSchool of LawBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin112
LWSchool of LawHispanic011
LWSchool of LawWhite162238
LW Total182644
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnAsian325
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin235
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnHispanic426
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnNon-Resident Alien134
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnWhite353772
MC Total454792
UNOthersAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native112
UNOthersBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin314
UNOthersNon-Resident Alien224
UN Total7653129
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsAsian336
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsBlack, Not of Hispanic Origin101
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsHispanic448
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsMultiple202
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsNon-Resident Alien101
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsWhite5258110
VP Total6365128
TOTAL 7581,0301,788