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Faculty Count by College, Ethnicity & Tenure - Fall 2018

(Faculty count includes only those with instructional appointment and salary greater than zero. Excludes TA and GPT-I.)

AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res1 - Professor401243
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res2 - Associate Professor232025
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res3 - Assistant Professor034943
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res4 - Instructor002828
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res9 - UnReported/UnRanked0055
AG Total633744144
ARCollege of Architecture1 - Professor6006
ARCollege of Architecture2 - Associate Professor121013
ARCollege of Architecture3 - Assistant Professor07411
ARCollege of Architecture4 - Instructor001515
AR Total1881945
ASColl of Arts and Sciences1 - Professor11904123
ASColl of Arts and Sciences2 - Associate Professor14142147
ASColl of Arts and Sciences3 - Assistant Professor113427162
ASColl of Arts and Sciences4 - Instructor00105105
ASColl of Arts and Sciences5 - Lecturer0011
ASColl of Arts and Sciences9 - UnReported/UnRanked301821
AS Total264138157559
BARawls Coll of Business Admin1 - Professor350540
BARawls Coll of Business Admin2 - Associate Professor1211124
BARawls Coll of Business Admin3 - Assistant Professor0241236
BARawls Coll of Business Admin4 - Instructor002323
BARawls Coll of Business Admin9 - UnReported/UnRanked0033
BA Total472554126
EDCollege of Education1 - Professor280129
EDCollege of Education2 - Associate Professor130013
EDCollege of Education3 - Assistant Professor024428
EDCollege of Education4 - Instructor008787
EDCollege of Education9 - UnReported/UnRanked0055
ED Total412497162
ENCollege of Engineering1 - Professor590362
ENCollege of Engineering2 - Associate Professor393143
ENCollege of Engineering3 - Assistant Professor334744
ENCollege of Engineering4 - Instructor004848
ENCollege of Engineering9 - UnReported/UnRanked0044
EN Total1013763201
GRGraduate School1 - Professor1001
GRGraduate School2 - Associate Professor2002
GRGraduate School4 - Instructor0022
GRGraduate School9 - UnReported/UnRanked0011
GR Total3036
HRHonors College1 - Professor3003
HRHonors College2 - Associate Professor2002
HRHonors College3 - Assistant Professor0303
HRHonors College4 - Instructor0011
HRHonors College9 - UnReported/UnRanked0011
HR Total53210
HSCollege of Human Sciences1 - Professor220224
HSCollege of Human Sciences2 - Associate Professor322135
HSCollege of Human Sciences3 - Assistant Professor025934
HSCollege of Human Sciences4 - Instructor004646
HSCollege of Human Sciences9 - UnReported/UnRanked0033
HS Total542761142
LWSchool of Law1 - Professor290130
LWSchool of Law4 - Instructor001414
LW Total2901544
MCColl of Media and Communicatn1 - Professor130013
MCColl of Media and Communicatn2 - Associate Professor150217
MCColl of Media and Communicatn3 - Assistant Professor0131730
MCColl of Media and Communicatn4 - Instructor003232
MC Total28135192
UNOthers1 - Professor3047
UNOthers2 - Associate Professor1045
UNOthers4 - Instructor005050
UNOthers7 - Faculty Associate0011
UNOthers9 - UnReported/UnRanked30102666
UN Total341085129
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts1 - Professor320234
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts2 - Associate Professor354039
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts3 - Assistant Professor024933
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts4 - Instructor001717
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts9 - UnReported/UnRanked0055
VP Total672833128
TOTAL 7543506841,788