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Faculty Count by College, Rank & Tenure - Fall 2021

(Faculty count includes all Tenured, On Tenure Track faculty and Non Tenured instructors of record. Excludes TA and GPT-I.)

AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res1 - Professor421043
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res2 - Associate Professor261027
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res3 - Assistant Professor029029
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl Res9 - Other Faculty002929
AG Total683129128
ARCollege of Architecture1 - Professor5005
ARCollege of Architecture2 - Associate Professor110011
ARCollege of Architecture3 - Assistant Professor0808
ARCollege of Architecture9 - Other Faculty002222
AR Total1682246
ASColl of Arts and Sciences1 - Professor11800118
ASColl of Arts and Sciences2 - Associate Professor15330156
ASColl of Arts and Sciences3 - Assistant Professor01140114
ASColl of Arts and Sciences4 - Instructor4004
ASColl of Arts and Sciences9 - Other Faculty00141141
AS Total275117141533
BARawls Coll of Business Admin1 - Professor290029
BARawls Coll of Business Admin2 - Associate Professor161017
BARawls Coll of Business Admin3 - Assistant Professor027027
BARawls Coll of Business Admin9 - Other Faculty006565
BA Total452865138
EDCollege of Education1 - Professor250025
EDCollege of Education2 - Associate Professor141015
EDCollege of Education3 - Assistant Professor029029
EDCollege of Education9 - Other Faculty00105105
ED Total3930105174
ENCollege of Engineering1 - Professor540054
ENCollege of Engineering2 - Associate Professor395044
ENCollege of Engineering3 - Assistant Professor335038
ENCollege of Engineering9 - Other Faculty004646
EN Total964046182
GRGraduate School1 - Professor1001
GRGraduate School2 - Associate Professor2002
GRGraduate School9 - Other Faculty0011
GR Total3014
HRHonors College1 - Professor3003
HRHonors College2 - Associate Professor2103
HRHonors College3 - Assistant Professor0202
HRHonors College9 - Other Faculty0044
HR Total53412
HSCollege of Human Sciences1 - Professor220022
HSCollege of Human Sciences2 - Associate Professor272029
HSCollege of Human Sciences3 - Assistant Professor027027
HSCollege of Human Sciences9 - Other Faculty005252
HS Total492952130
LWSchool of Law1 - Professor290029
LWSchool of Law4 - Instructor0303
LWSchool of Law9 - Other Faculty001616
LW Total2931648
MCColl of Media and Communicatn1 - Professor110011
MCColl of Media and Communicatn2 - Associate Professor180018
MCColl of Media and Communicatn3 - Assistant Professor0707
MCColl of Media and Communicatn9 - Other Faculty006363
MC Total2976399
UNOthers1 - Professor7007
UNOthers4 - Instructor3510045
UNOthers9 - Other Faculty004949
UN Total421049101
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts1 - Professor271028
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts2 - Associate Professor414045
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts3 - Assistant Professor018018
VPColl of Visual and Perf Arts9 - Other Faculty004949
VP Total682349140
VSVeterinary School1 - Professor73010
VSVeterinary School2 - Associate Professor39012
VSVeterinary School3 - Assistant Professor010010
VSVeterinary School9 - Other Faculty0011
VS Total1022133
UAUniversity Administrators1 - Professor9009
UAUniversity Administrators9 - Other Faculty00176176
UA Total90176185
TOTAL 7833518191,953