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Teaching Assistant(TA)/Graduate Part Time Instructor(GPT-I) By Department - Fall 2019
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResAAECAgric Appl Economics3
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResAFSAnimal and Food Science10
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResAGCOAgric Education Comm7
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResAGSCAgricultural Science1
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResLARCLandscape Architecture4
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResNRMNatural Resources Management6
AGColl of Ag Sci and Natl ResPSSPlant Soil Science8
ARCollege of ArchitectureARCHArchitecture8
ASColl of Arts and SciencesASArts and Sciences1
ASColl of Arts and SciencesBIOLBiological Sciences104
ASColl of Arts and SciencesCHEMChemistry and Biochemistry69
ASColl of Arts and SciencesCMLLClassical Modern Langs Lit69
ASColl of Arts and SciencesECOEconomics35
ASColl of Arts and SciencesENGLEnglish93
ASColl of Arts and SciencesGEOSGeosciences37
ASColl of Arts and SciencesHISTHistory55
ASColl of Arts and SciencesKINKinesiology and Sport Mgmt35
ASColl of Arts and SciencesMATHMathematics and Statistics89
ASColl of Arts and SciencesPHASPhysics and Astronomy43
ASColl of Arts and SciencesPHILPhilosophy16
ASColl of Arts and SciencesPOLSPolitical Science37
ASColl of Arts and SciencesPSYSPsychological Sciences68
ASColl of Arts and SciencesSASWSociology Anth and Social Work24
BARawls Coll of Business AdminBABusiness Administration58
EDCollege of EducationEDUCEducation15
ENCollege of EngineeringCECECivil Environ Constrctn Engr10
ENCollege of EngineeringCHENChemical Engineering18
ENCollege of EngineeringCSComputer Science8
ENCollege of EngineeringECEElectrical and Computer Engr7
ENCollege of EngineeringENGREngineering4
ENCollege of EngineeringIEIndustrial Engineering8
ENCollege of EngineeringMEMechanical Engineering40
ENCollege of EngineeringPETRPetroleum Engineering6
GRGraduate SchoolMUSMMuseum Science2
HSCollege of Human SciencesCFASCmty Family and Addiction15
HSCollege of Human SciencesDODDesign3
HSCollege of Human SciencesHDFSHuman Devl and Family Studies8
HSCollege of Human SciencesHRMHospitality & Retailing Mgmt21
HSCollege of Human SciencesHSHuman Sciences2
HSCollege of Human SciencesNSNutritional Sciences16
HSCollege of Human SciencesPFPPersonal Financial Planning26
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnADBSAdvertising & Brand Strategy3
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnCOMSCommunication Studies24
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnJEMJournalism & Electronic Media2
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnMCOMMedia and Communication39
MCColl of Media and CommunicatnPRPublic Relations4
UNOthersPROVProvost Office2
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsARTArt36
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsMUSIMusic120
VPColl of Visual and Perf ArtsTDTheatre and Dance52
TOTAL 1,372